What can you do with Kissaan App?

  • Keep track of your animal’s milk yield
  • Monitor your animal’s health
  • Get smart recommendations from our system to improve the milk yield
  • Subscribe to 24/7 on-the-phone veterinary service
  • Interact with other farmers in your area
  • Get information on local events and trends
  • Buy or sell animals at best prices
  • Get tips on cattle management, fodder, medicines, etc.

Kissaan's Strengths

Leveraging Bleeding Edge Technologies


Smart recommendations based on machine learning and AI algorithms

Data driven cattle Pricing

Strong Risk and Fraud detection models

Who is our target and what are the need we are trying to fulfill?

App Functionality (phone)

  • Touch based entry(Slider)
  • Voice based entry mechanism
  • Suggestions based on earlier productions
  • Reminders for missing entries
  • Machine Learning algorithms to correct
  • erroneous/fraudulent entries
  • Extrapolation for missing entries

Recommendation made by App 

  • Simple Recommendations
  • Follow up Tasks
  • Tracking Events

Social Engagement 

  • Tip of the day
  • Nearby Events
  • Engagement with Posts and comments
  • Online Marketplace for Cattle sales with recommended pricing


Data Driven cattle pricing. Pricing based on yields and historic data. Cattle and Products Trading on the app.

Quick returns to the farmer: 

*Guaranteed pricing.
*Tracking of animal events, reminders and suggestions.
Enthusiasts could compete (animal productivity) online 
A wedge into the Gsuite for the profession with most individuals in India.